Julie's Collage Tarot  Major Arcana
This project was begun as part of the Artist's Journals list Tarot group.  Every month 20 or so artists create one card and journalling/words to go with it.  So at the end of the project we'll each have 20 major arcana decks.  It is so amazing to see all the different approaches to the Tarot and art that each participant chooses.

0 - The Fool
1 - The Magician
2 - The High Priestess
3 - Empress
4 - Emperor
5 - Heirophant
6 - Lovers
7 - The Chariot
8 - Strength
Words are: "Ever see
someone waiting for
the sun to come out
while trying to
a charging rhino?"
Words are:
Finally, your chance to
experience space
Words are:
Is there a choice?
9 - The Hermit
Words are:
"Quality Time for Your Self"
"Recharge Yourself with the Power of Silence"
10 - The Wheel of Fortune