Tarot Art Quilts
24"w x 36" h
completed August 2001

Construction:  Hand painted, hand dyed and commerical cotton fabrics, velvet satin, denim, flannel, and knits.
Artist Statement:  The Page of Wands was a joyful quilt to work on for me.  I was able to capture the creative energy of the wands and put it into the quilt.
The image I chose was of a young person (based upon my son Alexander), holding their wand to get a "spark" of creativity from the power of the sun.  I think that creative inspiration can sometimes be of divine origin, so the symbol for this was the Sun.
The fire salamander by the Pages' foot is a symbol of being able to walk through fire and not get burned.  That is a big part of the meaning of the card for me, that one can harness the fire of creation and come out of the experience changed but not destroyed.  The salamander also serves as a reminder to the Page himself, who is filled with promise and excitement, but may not yet have his youthful energy under control.
The Page of Wands is definitely a "doer", not someone that sits around waiting for a creative zing, but an individual who goes out and finds one on their own.

These quilts were made as part of a collaborative group called the TAQP, Tarot Art Quilt Project.  Our intention and goal is to publish a complete tarot deck and book, as well as to show the quilts as a group.  When details are available regarding tour schedule or purchase of decks or books, I will post that information here.
Page of Wands