Modern Tales & Fables
August 2001
28" x 28"
This quilt was made for "Books and Their Covers:  A Quilter's Library Challenge", a juried show organized to benefit the Thayer Memorial Library in Lancaster, MA. 

Description of Quilt:  Colorful "spines" of the books made from my hand-dyed fabrics combined with commercial fabrics that depict some of the stories and fables, animals, music, amusement parks, outdoors, etc.  Surface stitching with variegated thread winds its way across the surface of all the stories and fables weaving them all together.

I chose the book "Modern Tales and Fables" published by Paul Hamlyn in 1967, illustrated by Vaclav Sivko, and written by various Czechoslovakian authors.  This was given to me by my parents when I was five years old.  It has the most amazing range of inventive stories that absolutely captivated my imagination.  Many of my dreams even as an adult feature characters from these tales.  I now read this book to my children and it is equally enchanting to them.  I think that the main reason that this book affected me so deeply is that the environment and society of the authors was so different than my experience as an everyday American.  This makes the tone and subject matter of the stories seem extraordinary.

This quilt donated to the Santa Cruz Chapter of the American Red Cross for their auction 9/11/02.