Contessa di Textura
November 2002
37"h x 41"w
Construction:  All my own hand-dyed, surface designed, painted, stamped, stenciled, discharged, etc. fabrics.  Quilted in rayon thread.
Statement:  This quilt was made for the Quilt Art "Name Challenge", where we were to make up a name for ourselves, and make a quilt to illustrate it.  The name I chose for myself Contessa di Textura refers to my overwhelming love of TEXTURE.  I get charged up by seeing artwork (or anything really), that has a lot of interesting texture.  My surface design explorations have taken me far down teh road of producing texture that I want to have on my fabric.  The Italian form of the name refers to my Italian (Sicilian specifically) heritage.  From what my family says the face really does look like me especially when I am at work in my studio.