As Above, So Below
41.5"H x 52.5"W
July 2000
Construction:  Commercial Linen and Cotton Wovens, Heavyweight Perle Cotton used for quilting.

Inspiration:  This quilt is inspirational to me as it represents a fundamental principle by which I am guided.  As Above, So Below is an ancient observation and belief, as the Goddesses/Gods do above, so do we humans, below.  The central part of the quilt is comprised of colors representing sun, sky, water, earth, the physicalworld that we live in daily.  The stuffed pillows represent physicality/materiality.  The outer borders represent the unseen spirit world that surrounds us, the quilting motifs echo the sun, sky, water, earth colors of the central section.
Detail shots, the smaller squares are either
flat if they match the larger squares, or are
slightly stuffed if they don't match.

The quilting was done in three sections, top
was clouds, middle was waves, bottom was
This quilt was shown at the Sacred Threads 2001 during July 2001 a showcase of quilts exploring themes of spirituality, inspiration, grief and healing.